Day 2…

TITLE: Up, up and away!

IN SHORT: Awake at 4am, up in the air by 6am and in Alice Springs by 11am. The 30 minute time difference certainly can’t be blamed for my yawning as I type, I chose to spend the 3 hour flight from Melbourne with my headphones in lost in the world outside the window. With the pilot flying at a slightly lower than usual altitude over Lake Eyre, I enjoyed what might as well have been a scenic flight and my Qantas sandwich.

After dropping half my body weight in luggage at a hotel I caught up with a friend for coffee at Monty’s, great service and a fun atmosphere sitting out in the 20+ degree heat. From there we headed South in her red Daihatsu Rocky to the Road Transport Hall of Fame. The RTHF is a volunteer project dedicated to the preservation and presentation of Australia’s unique road transport heritage. Vehicles as they were in working times, one from a more unfamiliar angle while crawling underneath to retrieve a wayward lens cap.

An early night ahead!

TIP: Don’t ply your child with fibrous snacks while on an aircraft – the results affect everybody.

KMS: 16 + 615 + 1858 + 18

TRACK: Because I Love You – Masters Apprentices


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