Day 3…

TITLE: I can see for miles… I think!

IN SHORT: A 5am check out and on the road by 5:30am. The bus headed North passing through the Tropic of Capricorn in the dark. As the sun came up we sped past small towns all with interesting histories and stopped for lunch at Wauchope. Later, the Devil’s Marbles were a welcome reward, you could easily wander for hours or perch on your own marble in the sun… which by the way was out in force!

Moving on from Tennant Creek where an elderly man had sat in his gofer waiting patiently for a 50+ metre road train to shift from his path and a local laughed at our bus’ plastic bull bar, rightly so. As fires burned a kilometre from the road side the unrelenting straight continued. The appeal of the isolation and sense of freedom this road offered was very apparent, something Dad experienced nearly everyday.

At 6pm the bus pulled into Banka Banka Cattle Station, tents for the night and a feast for dinner. With no reception I’m now sitting by the campfire somewhat distracted by the mass of stars and the roar of road trains as they barrel past.

TIP: Find out the nutritional value of the humble termite before consumption… if there is none, why would you!

KM: 597

TRACK: Going North – Missy Higgins


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