Day 5…

TITLE: A gecko in the bathroom…

IN SHORT: There was one. I was still half asleep at 5:30am as it wiggled its way across the mirror while I cleaned my teeth!

Nitmiluk National Park… means ‘sounds like a cicada’ in the local Jawoyn language.

Last seat on the Katherine Gorge cruise thank you very much! While waiting in line to board, the man in front chose to use the time to video his surroundings… with commentary. Aiming his camera at a nearby tree he said “those are bats” then turned it off. I’m glad I’m not the one that has to sit through that holiday footage when he arrives home! Riveting.

The Katherine Gorge, yet another place I’d have happily spent a whole day, the colours, the culture, the cliffs and the canoes floating by… but not the man with the camera who spent the entire trip bobbing up and down from his seat taking photos. He took enough to capture 2 hours of water flow in sequence and did so many squats his quad muscles would be ready to line up for a local rugby game. Two hours turned into 2.5 hours and while I loved every minute I had to make a run for the bus whose engine was doing the same.

Next stop; Edith Falls, a beautiful hot day and top place for a swim if you don’t get put off after seeing the odd snake slither across your path to take a dip of its own.

Still 112kms from Darwin the bus made a stop at the Adelaide River Inn for re-hydration… from here on in I upgraded the termite mounds to giant people.

‘Boh boh!’ until next time…

TIP: Cameras, mobile phones, video cameras & net books, all have different chargers… try to find a way around this before you set off with a bag filled with adapters and cords!

KMS: 342

TRACK: Something in The Water – Brooke Fraser


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