Day 6…

TITLE: Friends in high rises…

IN SHORT: Ahh… the first morning I’ve not had to pack up! Darwin is base for the next few days and today, a day to check it out. It was my intention to begin the day after a sleep in but I watched the sun rise over the harbour instead. After spending a little time in hammock heaven I was off to explore. Very easy to find your way around, ended up at Wharf One and had lunch at Il Lido. Did mistake a gas plant in the distance for a large ship, could be due for an eye check.

Got a lift back ‘home’ and headed off to check out the pool. To go from a tent to luxury in the space of 24 hours was a bit hard to take but I’m progressing well and should make a full recovery by tomorrow.

A half hour later I was in the car and off to the Mindil Beach Sunset Market. The real coconut milkshake was a definite winner! Did also try crocodile, not at the same time.

Watched the sun go down from the Nightcliff Jetty…

TIP: Get some sleep. Location; Mindil Beach Sunset Market… “What’s the beach called?” “Mindil.”

KMS: 4 + 10

TRACK: Sunsets – Tamarama


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