Day 7…

TITLE: The flying pizza crust.

IN SHORT: Look, to be honest I didn’t do a lot today, after quick zip around I went fishing… in the cereal box for the seemingly absent granola clusters. Wandered into the gym and straight out again and contemplated how I’m ever going to fit my gear (which is somewhat strewn across my room) back in my pack. In the kitchen I found the cupboards well stocked; 4 varieties of coffee, a selection of alcohol and assorted tins of cat food, for the cat I can assure you. So it was off to Woolworths for some breakfast goods and to master the self-service lane.

A trip to the Tourist Information Centre was in order; there I sorted out some car hire and accommodation for the coming days. Then it was back to the hammock, to write, check out road maps and turn up the tunes… *thump* a pizza crust from 14 floors up, or thereabouts. Clearly they ‘forgot’ that there’s a lower level with an outdoor area!

TIP: Book your car hire when you get to Darwin at the Tourist Information Centre… saved a packet and have unlimited kilometres which will allow for the ‘what’s down this road’ approach to road tripping.

KMS: 3

TRACK: Slow Motion – Little Red


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