Day 8…

TITLE: If you like piña coladas…

IN SHORT: There was a thick fog this morning, not in my mind but wafting through the streets as I tried to find a bus with a 4 on it to take me to the Parap Markets. I had heard, read and been sat down and told that the laksa was must… it was 10am and already pushing 30 degrees, but it had to be done. The fog lifted revealing a vibrant market filled with food stalls and all manner of market thingamajigs. Laksa in hand I began the search for shade and a seat… I’d have been happy with either. Mouth alight with chilli and coriander and with the sauna like experience from the bus inbound, my eyes sizzled and my nose started to run. All this I thought was worthy of record so I asked the man sitting alongside if he wouldn’t mind taking a photo.

His name was Noel, he was 83 and waiting in his favourite spot for his wife. We chatted for 20 minutes or so while I splashed laksa all over my t-shirt. I learnt he had spent his life working on the land in various parts of South Australia, has travelled the country 4 times over and now comes regularly to Darwin as he enjoys the temperatures of the dry season. After saying farewell I made a beeline for the nearest smoothie stand and walked away with a refreshing (non-alcoholic, bit early) piña colada… ahh!

Following lunch at Fidler’s Green with a friend from home we walked to the other end of town to pick up the hire car… tomorrow i’m back on the road!

TIP: You can’t shave your legs with your toothbrush.

KMS: 3

TRACK: Sidekick – Lisa Mitchell


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