Day 9…

TITLE: Wayward dingo…

IN SHORT: Three girls on the road to Litchfield National Park. Three girls who were actually on their way to the airport, but once the map was rotated and a u-turn made we were back on track. Cruising down the Stuart Highway and only minutes into the morning drive I wasn’t expecting to test the brakes so soon. A dingo sauntered with speed across our path doubling back with a snarl as if to taunt. I’m sure those dingos that appear in the brochures afford the Marie Claire like airbrushing usually reserved for aging celebrities.

First stop, the Magnetic Termite Mounds, from there, Wangi Falls which reopened for swimming just 3 days earlier, I can’t say that instilled a great deal of confidence!

Quite hungry we pulled into the Monsoon Cafe for lunch. After we headed down (which also means up) 130+ steps into the Florence Falls plunge pool, ‘cheers’ were free flowing as so many obeyed the no alcohol signs while we polished off the last of our water.

Buley Rock-hole was the days frontrunner, a series of rock holes along Florence Creek cascading down a hillside, people from all walks of life sat in the flowing water on different levels enjoying the sun and the fact that even with so many people, not one could be heard. You were able to lose yourself in thought disturbed only by the brush of a passing leaf sparking ‘snake alert’ in your brain and triggering some amusing reactions.

A BBQ dinner on the deck by the pool was a fitting way to end a laid back day as the effects of an early start and unavoidable sun made themselves known.

TIP: Automatic cars have never had a clutch. So when lined up in the express lane for the evenings refreshments jamming your foot on the ‘clutch’ causes mild whip lash.

KMS: 288

TRACK: Class A – Pete Murray


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