Day 10…

TITLE: Kakadu in a Camry…

IN SHORT: With a coffee firmly planted in its holder,  it was time to begin the search for a CD, after no radio reception yesterday afternoon it was imperative that Kakadu have some backing music. After 3 stops and 3 blank looks it was 4th time lucky! With buffalo to our left and locals and tourists alike testing out the 130km an hour speed limit to our right we were well on the way.

Taking the turn off for Cooinda the road weaved its way closer to the departure of the Yellow Water Cruise. One and a half hours to wind through the distinct eco systems of the billabong and the tributaries of the South Alligator River. In spite of sighting 7 crocodiles, the abundance of bird life and the ‘how’s the serenity’ of the wetlands had me so relaxed I had to put my sunglasses back on in case I nodded off.

Once checked into a bungalow for the night it was back in the car for the drive to Ubirr. Excellent examples of aboriginal art and an incredible view over the surrounding wetlands and rocky outcrops as the sun began to set. After enjoying every moment it was a race from the top back to the car park before the sun went down completely, the last place you want to be after dark is 40 kilometres from the main road – a Toyota Camry is no match for a buffalo or a wild pig! With fires smouldering close by and smoke lingering in the air like fog we had our ‘game’ faces on determined to avoid contact with anything other than bugs!

Once back at camp it was time to chill out poolside, feasting on barramundi and reflecting on the day. A dingo entered the pool area in search of food and we met again on the way back to camp, thankfully it had it sights set on something in the opposite direction!

TIP: Insect repellent! I have two pairs of jeans and no insect repellent. Priority reshuffle in order.

KMS: 486

TRACK: Conceal me – Xavier Rudd


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