Day 11…

TITLE: Grey nomads; bound… to get there eventually!

IN SHORT: Mesh like corrugated iron is wildlife proof but if only wildlife was silent… the occasional passing dingo, the snoring possum, the sounds of unidentifiable bugs and birds and a sporadic sprinkler system meant a full night’s sleep wasn’t likely! I thought birds were supposed to sleep when we do.

A quick stop at the Jabiru Bakery for coffee and we were on the road. Now I’m all for the grey nomad phenomenon but 3 hours with no overtaking lanes going at 50 below the speed limit was a bit much. It did however give me time to look around, many of the road signs are covered in bullet holes; what makes someone (armed) stop their car get out and think I might just shoot this sign. Have I missed something?

After navigating my way out to the Casuarina Shopping Centre to pick up a few things it was time to return the car. With renewed energy following an hour by the pool I caught a cab with friends to the Sky City Casino for dinner at Il Piatto. A stunning setting overlooking the ocean and a fitting way to spend my last night in Darwin. After just a week, Darwin will be missed.

TIP: Don’t leave 11 days of washing until the day you’re due to move on!

KMS: 309

TRACK: Every Teardrop is a Waterfall – Coldplay


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