Day 12…

TITLE: The day after the night before…

IN SHORT: I probably should’ve come straight home after dinner last night, fun with friends on my last night in town! I’m still not quite sure why I have a 100 dollar chip and I can’t recall asking the taxi driver how he ‘does his turban.’ I also have some lovely photos with some members of the local indigenous community.  Just quietly… feeling a little worse for wear today!

Tomorrow I’ll head west though the Kimberley region, my bag is near bursting at the seams but it’s packed and I’m now ready to set off into one of the most amazing and remote places in the country.

It’s been confirmed that internet connection will be near to impossible travelling through this region therefore tomorrow night will be my last update until I reach Broome. I’ll continue to write the updates each day and post those 10 entries in bulk when I arrive, from then on it will continue as normal.

For now it’s time for bed, an early start tomorrow and nearly 700 kilometres to travel!

TIP: Almost everything is funny after no sleep so only surround yourself with close friends…  anyone else might think you’ve lost it!

KMS: 2

TRACK: Days Like This – Van Morrison


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