Day 13…

TITLE: The Upside Down Tree.

IN SHORT: On the road by 6am! The bus bumped along occasionally jolting me awake with great views as consolation.

Jabirus flew alongside as we passed the first of many boab trees, the aboriginal people refer to them as the ‘upside down tree’, this good looking tree was said to have had such an ego that they appealed to the spirits to plant it upside down. The boab trees are moving their way across the top of Australia from the West Australian coast but I was still surprised that the first I saw was in the Northern Territory.

Taking in the rugged red escarpment bordering the Gregory National Park was as if you were passing through a set of a movie. We arrived before sunset in the town of Timber Creek and set up camp at the base of an old boab tree metres from a creek inhabited by freshwater crocodiles. With no chance of rain there was no need for a tent fly so it was off to sleep under the mass of stars accompanied by the sound of a migratory snore as someone relocated their swag.

TIP: Your toothbrush won’t be in a fit state for use once it has taken a slide down the aisle of a bus.

KMS: 642

TRACK: World Where You Live – Crowded House


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