Day 14…

TITLE: The Day the Music Died…

IN SHORT: After waking at 4:30am due to the resident rooster I took what was to be my last shower for the next few days. On the road just before 7am we crossed into Western Australia through the quarantine check point full of fruit and nut as everyone shared the last of anything forbidden to cross.

Passing through the diverse landscapes of the Carr Boyd Ranges while watching brumbies graze and eagles soar we took a 34km detour from the Victoria Highway from which Lake Argyle revealed itself in spectacular fashion. With the lake classed as an inland sea covering over 1000 square kilometres it’s an impressive sight! Driving across the Ord River Dam Wall made me feel like an insignificant spec amongst the enormity of such a project and the vast area it occupies.

After a stop at Kununurra for lunch we edged ever closer to the 52km track off the Great Northern Highway. The track that would take us nearly 2.5 hours to complete in order to make our way into the World Heritage –listed Purnululu National Park.

This was a road I thought surely might shake a little sense into those on the bus who appeared to have left their ability to compromised buried in the bottom of their backpacks. All that will be said on the behaviour that persisted in various forms far longer than the common cold is this; travel alone if you have no comprehension of what is required to travel in a group. Failure to comply with this advice could see you, a middle aged professional frantically gaffer taping your ‘depend’ over a speaker to reduce the sound of the barely audible music. End of story, but believe me… I could go on!

That aside, the drive in was fun. Fifteen creek crossings of differing degrees, a bull fight on the dirt track ahead of the bus and my being airborne momentarily after launching from the back seat with an unexpected bump made for an entertaining few hours. After setting up camp it was time for dinner and a taste of kangaroo and crocodile.

TIP: Be a child at heart, not outwardly childish.

KMS: 613

TRACK: Hit the Road Jack – Ray Charles


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