Day 16…

TITLE: Chicken Treats.

IN SHORT: Up as early as the Blue-winged Kookaburras we began the bumpy return drive out of the National Park bound for Kununurra, our lunch and toilet stop. With not a great deal open on a Sunday afternoon Chicken Treats was always set to receive an influx of busting passengers pleading for their toilet key. Back on the bus for the last of the sealed road we were then destined for our first taste of the Gibb River Road, the 52km of it required to reach El Questro. The origin of this name remains something of a mystery, named by Torrance MacMiking in the late 1950s one story has it that ‘Questa’ meaning a sharp cliff face with a gentle slope off the back was to be the area’s name, but that prior to lodging the land claim, Torrance took a sharp left turn at a bottle of rum and ended up submitting a name that has no real English, or Spanish meaning, nevertheless I think it suits.

Arrival at El Questro brought with it a near instant feeling of relaxation, possibly aided by the first shower in a couple of days and a flush toilet.

After dinner and a tasty take on damper for dessert (cheers Rob) we kept with the theme of relaxation lounging in our camp chairs lost in the acoustic tunes and the orange glow of the fire.

TIP: Don’t eat at Chicken Treats, just use the toilets.

KMS: 346

TRACK: The Tucker’s Wife – John Williamson (Camp Fire Version; Rachel Baldwin)


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