Day 17…

TITLE: One ‘Track’ Mind.

IN SHORT: With scrambled eggs for breakfast it was to be a day of scrambling to match. First stop; Emma Gorge, a rock hopping walking trail that weaved its way through the base of the gorge with towering cliffs on either side. Reaching the swimming hole in the shadow of a 200ft waterfall was an incredible sight.

However, El Questro Gorge awaited, refuelled following a BBQ lunch we took the 4WD track in to the start of the walk. Clambering over and around rocks we reached the first pool, considered to be halfway, knowing the most difficult section was yet to come I gave serious thought to waiting it out there. Encouraged by the enthusiasm of the guide our shoes and socks were removed as we waded into the pool passing our bags overhead chain gang style. Working together we heaved our gear and each other up and over the giant boulder blocking our path. Continuing on hoisting and swinging ourselves over rocks we passed through a narrow cave, scaled a wall to take us to the next level and took a leap of faith across a crevasse aided by a small ledge on the rock alongside.

All challenges met we arrived at our reward, a small but stunning water hole for a well-earned swim and celebratory jump from the rocks beneath the waterfall. Returning the same way we opted for an ‘easier’ descent into the water as we reapproached the halfway point. Lowering ourselves halfway down the boulder at an angle which would guarantee you hit the water almost face first was this ‘easier’ option. A little hesitant as I jumped it did not help when a frog landed on my arm as I was about to take off!

Without a doubt one of the most satisfying walks I’ve ever completed.

TIP: You miss 100% of the chances you don’t take.

KMS: 72

TRACK: Inspiration – John Butler Trio


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