Day 18…

TITLE: Scones on the Gibb.

IN SHORT: After a night spent dreaming of crossing rocks our first stop was Zeebedee Springs for a thermal dip. The Pentecost River Crossing was up next then a taste the flowering Kapoc at a nearby lookout, apparently it tastes like aniseed, but mine tasted like the strawberry jelly baby I’d finished a couple of minutes earlier. Further up the road we stopped at the site of some rock art and learnt about the Aboriginal Culture of the area, powerfully represented by the mouthless spirits of the Wandjina.

Once across the Durak River we witnessed a ‘Willy Willy’ this being a localised wind storm that forms a tightly spiralling vortex of dust-gathering wind, a strange sight when there’s not a breath of wind to be seen elsewhere.

We pulled into Ellenbrae Homestead having turned off the Gibb River Road and down a 5km ‘driveway’. There you can have scones, or scones, no complaints as they were the best I’ve ever eaten! Though I have less regard for their public ‘system’ and obeyed the wise advice ‘don’t look, don’t sit’.

And so it was back on the corrugated Gibb River Road. While I continued to inhale enough dust to warrant the design of an internal enyo mit I could still see enough to acknowledge that the region needs no enhancement. There is no need for extra contrast, saturation, vibrancy or hue, the Kimberley has it covered.

Having rolled into Mt Barnett Station and set up camp at Manning Gorge we were advised it was Census night, the ‘how many bedrooms’ question got a laugh as we counted the tents.

TIP: Don’t wash your feet in the river when the route back to camp is sand followed by red dirt and you only brought thongs.

KMS: 451

TRACK: Wide Open Road – Bob Evans


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