Day 19…

TITLE: As the Crow Flies…

IN SHORT: Woke up feeling rather average so I gave the Manning Gorge walk a miss in favour of a few hours writing and some time to myself. Seated beneath a large boab tree as oversized black crows swooped by I wrote until lunchtime.

I’m fairly sure I saw Richard Branson sitting by a caravan but then I wasn’t feeling well and had had quite a bit of sun.

On the road again! We paid a brief visit to Galvans Gorge, observed a couple of goannas basking in the sun and caught a glimpse of a third as it raced out from under the rock I chose to stand on, they’re not small!

Lost in thought as we clocked up some more kilometres our next stop was Imintji Roadhouse, a few of the cars travelling in the opposite direction for the Variety Club Bash had the same idea. Icecream.

We camped that night at a place called Silent Grove, one of my favourite camps for no reason in particular.

TIP: Spend a week ‘off the grid.’ No phone or television; if you could buy that feeling in vitamin form I’d be rich and everyone else would be too.

KMS: 113

TRACK: Heart of Gold – Neil Young


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