Day 20…

TITLE: Floating Sunglasses.

IN SHORT: As of daylight we were off to Bell Gorge, quite an easy walk in to a beautiful spot where the landscape reflected in the glass-like pools before the water cascaded further down into the deep gorge. An easy place to wile away a few hours overlooking the waterfall and the lower pool.

Travelling around the King Leopold Divide we approached the Napier Ranges. During the Devonian Era, 350 million years ago, a large barrier reef grew around the then-submerged Kimberley plateau. The Napier Ranges are the remains of this limestone reef which we were to see more of at Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge, our camp for the night.

On the return trip from Tunnel Creek we stopped for fire wood and took the chance to try the fruit from a nearby boab tree; chalky at first, then it began to taste like dried apple, kind of. I don’t think it will be on the shelves at Coles anytime soon though.

Sunset at Windjana Gorge and a beer on the river bank with friends! A crocodile lay on the bank opposite while another made its way over – thankfully deciding to submerge at a safe distance instead. Only its sunglasses stayed above the water, well that’s what it looked like; I might’ve gone to collect them had I not seem the whole show.

TIP: ‘Early’ and ‘past 5’ aren’t helpful when advising someone of the time; it would appear I’m well on the way to perfecting vague.

KMS: 230

TRACK: Hard Sun – Eddie Vedder


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