Day 23…

TITLE: The Hair Straightener Flies Qantas.

IN SHORT: It did; I had too much gear so it flew home with 2 pairs of shorts, 4 t-shirts, a thermal top and two books, when did I think I would get time to read?

Awake early and having walked straight into a wall on the way back from the bathroom, I was packed and ready to go!

The taxi didn’t turn up so I was kindly offered a lift to the next hotel,too early for check in I left my things and headed across the street to catch the bus into town. Had a drink with a couple of friends and then wandered about before locating the bus to take me to the supermarket, once done I sat at the bus stop with some locals, when I asked what time the bus was to arrive they replied ‘soon’ so I’ve concluded my ‘early’ and ‘past 5’ responses are symptomatic of ‘Broome time’, I like it.

Back at the hotel and minus the frog that landed on my leg in the bathroom and the cricket jumping about on the floor I was ready to bus it back in to Town Beach for Staircase to the Moon (seen across Roebuck Bay during a full moon and caused by its reflection on the mud flats, creating the illusion of a staircase). The area was packed with people lining up for prime position and enjoying the night markets and the music of local, Mitchell Cullen. I have no photos of the moon as my position wasn’t prime and the fires in the area made the full effect near impossible to capture (I have heard the following night was incredible).

The night markets were great and if I hadn’t had plans for dinner I’d have headed over to the Lamonds food van for laksa!

Returning to the hotel after a farewell dinner with friends, I realised I had a problem; a homing cricket… he was back.

TIP: Removal of the homing cricket; Step 1: Place wine glass over it. Step 2: Lay the (spare) face washer on the floor. Step 3: Manoeuvrer glass and contents over onto face washer. Step 4: Fold the sides of the face washer up to the stem of the glass and carry it outside. Step 5: Remove glass and fling face washer into the garden (step 5 needs refining). Note: The gardener will collect the face washer the next morning. Repeat when it returns.

KMS: 24

TRACK: With My Own Two Hands – Ben Harper


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