Day 24…

TITLE: Dinosaur Rides on Cable Beach.

IN SHORT: Breakfast by the pool followed by a whole day on the netbook playing catch up. By 3pm I decided I’d better do something or for the first time I’d have nothing to write about! I phoned and booked a Sunset Camel Ride. Did I actually want to ride a camel? Not really!

The walk from the hotel to the beach was a couple of kilometres but I was not tempted as a man in a 4WD pulled up alongside to offer a lift, while I’m sure he had my best interests at heart… I politely declined and vowed to get the bus back. I got to the beach a little ahead of time so I took some photos while I waited, all was going well until one let out a prehistoric bellow that seemed to reverberate through its dinosaur like frame, at which point I went and sat on a rock to contemplate if the next hour plus was really going to be the best use of my time.

After a brief demonstration it was time to board, once seated with our seat belts firmly fastened we were advised where to find our life jackets and then we were off, at a slow and rather lopsided pace (photo – middle camel on the back).

My dinosaur’s name was Jacko and we were second last in a line of at least 20. Jacko was from Alice Springs originally and used to work at Uluru before deciding on a sea change and taking up office on Cable Beach. He kept his bellowing to a minimum but preferred to walk beside his friend Isaac as opposed to in a line. Thankfully Isaac was very tolerant and didn’t seem to mind.

Look it was lovely; I just didn’t really relax until we were almost back!

Once I was on my feet we were to reward them with carrots… as I held mine out to Jacko it fell to the ground, he looked at me as if to say ‘Seriously, you’ve just sat on me for over an hour and all you had to do was give me a carrot, come on!’ I got it right the second time, I think he smiled.

I’d heard the elderly lady behind me on the slobbering dinosaur say that she was sure she wouldn’t be able to walk when she got down, but as I was waddling back up the path she sped past with a normal gait. She must do yoga.

TIP: Don’t take photos of the sunset from a moving camel; you’d have more luck from a moving vehicle.

KMS: 7

TRACK: White Knuckle Ride – Jamiroquai


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