Day 25…

TITLE: Cape Leveque.

IN SHORT: Okay so the Gibb River Road has nothing on the Cape Leveque track, at least in their current conditions! How do I know; I got the stitch, my body actually thought it was exercising! What an awesome drive, you feel like you’re part of bobsled team as the bus runs along the banked track of red sand and corrugated dirt. Due to its skate bowl style I don’t think I’d like to be on it in the wet – it would turn into a big slide that takes you nowhere! We however reached Beagle Bay Aboriginal Community right on time! Here we appreciated the handy work of the Pallotine Monks and the Local Aboriginals back in the late 1800’s. The mother of pearl shell altar is quite something.

A quick coffee then on to the One Arm Point Community to visit their Aquaculture Hatchery, I learnt plenty about local fishing and the collection and processing of the trochus shell.

The area offers spectacular views of the Buccaneer Archipelago and I watched in amazement as the massive tides ripped past the small islands.

Lunch at Cape Leveque, known locally as Kooljaman and a quick dip before leaving the group to it while I went off in search of the famous coastline the cape is renowned for.

Once on the beach I had 30 minutes with the pristine white sand and golden red cliffs all to myself; a mind-blowing experience, any expectations I had were met and most definitely exceeded.

Returning South we called in at Lombadina Community where we were offered the opportunity to share some time and a little of the lifestyle of this Aboriginal Community. The area reflects its mission origins and the church is a classic example of ‘Kimberley Bush Architecture’ I loved it!

While standing beneath a massive fig tree, the oldest tree on the property, there was an eruption of laughter as 6 children’s smiling faces popped out from behind the fig tree’s Tarzan like façade. There must be good reception in fig trees – a few had their mobile phones!

Back past 6 I was so tired I couldn’t be bothered walking somewhere for dinner so I had 2 apples, did a load of washing and fell asleep.

TIP: Don’t walk down a sandy 4WD track in thongs, and have the sense to take them off.

KMS: 452

TRACK: Hit the Ground Running – Donavon Frankenreiter


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