Day 26…

TITLE: The Variety Club Bash.

IN SHORT: Another day working on the website, quite a good distraction once I’d realised there was nothing left to eat beyond breakfast time.

At just past 5 I caught the bus into town for dinner with a family friend, one who knew Dad well. He was in town with his team for the final night of the Variety Club Bash having travelled from Baulkham Hills to Buccaneer Rock (or close enough to, you could see it from our table). I was wearing jeans so I figured I’d acclimatised to the weather and I was definately on Broome time – someone must’ve removed the minute hand from my watch.

The night itself was a credit to all involved, I have never witnessed such a wealth of generosity with the bash raising 1.8 million for the Variety Club of Australia. Those who take part have a great time, for some an experience of a lifetime, for others, an annual event, but its focal point remains the fund raising. Their efforts go toward helping children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs in order for them to live, laugh and learn.

My final night in Broome was also the final night for this month’s staircase to the moon. The moon came up over Town Beach just as our mains arrived, my SLR camera was having the night off for good behaviour so I have no proof, just my word; it was good!

A group of us got a lift back to our hotels in one of the bash cars, slightly more people than seats!

TIP: After my experience in Broome I’d say to give the taxis a miss, take the bus or make some friends, unless you have an hour to kill.

KMS: 12

TRACK: Take It In – The Waifs


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