Day 27…

TITLE: The Bus that Rocked.

IN SHORT: Who’d have thought there was another road with so much more ‘nothing’ than the Stuart Highway, it really was incredible and I mean that without a hint of sarcasm (admittedly this picture was taken a day later but I like it). We made a quick toilet stop at Stanley, identified by a patch of red dirt the size of a small football field with a toilet and reggae music floating through the air from a nearby Range Rover that had seen better days. A short time later we took a break for lunch at the Sandfire Roadhouse which was back better than ever having been destroyed by fire in 2007… 2008 and 2009. I was pleased to see Mother Nature had kept fires in the area to a minimum of late, it was nearly 2pm, it was hot and I was hungry and the highway offered no alternatives! After lunch we spent an hour at 80 Mile Beach and then continued on, welcoming any sight of a tree that was slightly taller than all the others! We arrived at Pardoo Station and checked into the ‘walk-in wardrobes’, made use of the last of the last night with reception for a while and headed off to bed early.

TIP: The ‘Mine Game’ is a game for life, Facebook has it listed under ‘Sport and Recreation’ What is it exactly? The rules are simple. If you say the word ‘mine’ in response to having been provoked by someone in question form, you HAVE to do 10 pushups wherever you are at the time. This was to be an ongoing source of amusement…

KMS: 561

TRACK: Picture Frames – Georgia Fair


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