Day 29…

TITLE: Roadtrip!

IN SHORT: The second tallest peak in Western Australia was the destination for a morning walk. We took the route that led us up the western face of the mountain, single file we walked along the narrow rocky path over and around the banded iron formations exposed in the rock. We rounded the first and scrambled up over shards of solid rock to reach the second. On arriving at the base of the third ascent it was time for me to admit defeat, the increasing winds and my fear of heights got the better of me. With a choice of bright dusty red rocks or a clump of spinifex resembling an inverted pin cushion to sit on I went with the dusty rock option and waited while the others continued on.

From my view on the ridge, riven and ravaged ranges extended in one direction and in the other, the Marandoo open cut iron ore mine created a narrow scar in the mid-section of the park. Arriving back at camp nearly 7 hours later it became apparent that the war wounds endured by one who conquered Mt Bruce were going to require more than a band aid. Roadtrip! Nothing like an unplanned adventure! We piled onto the bus bound for the Tom Price Emergency Room, closely followed by the Tom Price Hotel where we happily waited it out!

TIP: It is possible that the constriction of sleeping zipped up in your hoodie in a sleeping bag liner, zipped up in your sleeping bag, zipped up in your swag, zipped up in your tent may cause one to wake the whole camp with a scream of ‘HELP where are we?’ Thank you to those that considered coming to my aid, I’m sure you would have if it weren’t so cold and you were able to free yourselves from your own zipped up environment!

KMS: 241

TRACK: The Horizon has been Defeated – Jack Johnson


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