Day 28…

TITLE: Long Train – Big Pile of Salt.

IN SHORT: On route to Port Headland; home to rail yards, iron-ore stock piles, salt production for export a large deep water port and the Woolworths Shopping Centre where we stopped at to collect supplies for the next 3 days in Karajini National Park. While waiting to leave, a member of our group said hello to a passing local, assuming this was an invitation to converse the lady asked him where he was from, “Victoria” he replied. “Ohh… I have family near there” she said. “Really” he said, “where?” “Queensland” she replied. I’m undecided as to whether this is a good example of just how big the state of Western Australia is and how unperturbed the locals are about the length of time it can take to get anywhere, or whether I’m just using someone’s lack of geographical knowledge to serve my own purposes.

One thing I know for sure, I didn’t expect to feel more isolated than anywhere I’d been so far. Our Roadhouse lunch stop was the only real symbol of civilisation all day.

As we got closer to Karajini National Park the scenery began to change, what looked like Devils Marbles ‘seconds’ lined the roadside ridges interspersed with colourful wildflowers and irridescent green trees, no wonder people paint the area.

After entering Karajini National Park we dropped by the Joffre Gorge Lookout before making our way to the Eco Retreat to roll out our swags.

TIP: Don’t make the critical decision as to send your thermals home in a bag of ‘no longer needed gear’ in 35 degree heat.

KMS: 523

TRACK: Little Things –Archie Roach and Sara Storer


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