Day 32…

TITLE: Sleep In!

IN SHORT: Wow! Up at 7am, biggest sleep in yet! At 9am we were bussing it out to Cape Range National Park en route to Turquoise Bay. As the waves barrelled onto the outer reef we spent a leisurely 3 hours snorkelling, walking and playing catch amongst a school of inquisitive trevally.

While practicing my ability to do nothing we watched in disbelief as a woman looking after her friends two children while she snorkelled misplaced one. Turns out the young boy had had enough of the bay and decided to head out to the car park to sit on top of the family 4WD.

With lunch taken care of, coffee in hand and the bus restocked with food we were on the road to Coral Bay. We had to slow right down a few times for cattle, sheep and a number of emus and their children, who by the way were much better supervised!

After checking in to the backpackers it was time for a beer with friends I’d not seen for 5 years!

TIP: Leave your sunglasses on rather than on your head when visiting a long drop toilet, lucky I can catch.

KMS: 290

TRACK: In Your Light – Gotye


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