Day 34…

TITLE: Breathing Rocks.

IN SHORT: Packed and on the road by 7am, second stop, Carnarvon. Located at the mouth of Western Australia’s longest river; the Gascoyne, the town is known for its fruit and vegetable plantations. As it turned out one member of our group spent a little more time there than the rest of us after dislocating his elbow during a quad bike ride the previous day.

Back together we continued on to Shark Bay and turned off for Hamelin Pool, a marine reserve that contains the world’s best-known ‘family’ of stromatolites. What are they? Stromatolites are rock-like structures, those at Shark Bay are only 2,000 to 3,000 years old, but they are similar to life forms found on Earth up to 3.5 billion years ago. Through their use of photosynthesis they are considered largely responsible for paving the way for more complex life forms. I’m no scientist so to me they looked just like rocks, or rocks that could blow bubbles if you put them in the bath.

We had lunch close by at the old (1884) Telegraph Office, with 14 557 200 bush flies; these were of the gifted variety, capable of infuriating even the most restrained in under 5 seconds. I still can’t decide if the flies were tame or energy efficient. Either way, stay off my face!

Boarding the bus with the flies in tow we drove a short way to Shell Beach, there’s a whole lot of shells at Shell Beach, so many you have to dig to find any sand. No digging though, no one had any energy for anything after lunch, the flies took it.

Denham, Australia’s westernmost town and our base for the night, no more driving, just dinner and sleep!

Somewhere today I crossed the Tropic of Capricorn again and had to get my jacket out.

TIP: Insect repellent doesn’t count flies as insects, find an alternative; Mortein and Raid are no good for your skin.

KMS: 602

TRACK: China – Sparkadia


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