Day 37…

TITLE: Parked.

IN SHORT: Spent the day stationed at the dining room table writing from 6am until 6pm, though at around noon I decided it would be a fine idea to wash the red dust out of my runners. What cycle do you choose for that? Not the one I chose! It seemed to be done so I opened the door and foam spilled out all over the laundry floor, I didn’t realise washing machines had a never ending foam function. What do you do with foam at short notice? I piled it all into the (empty) washing basket and the sink and a bucket and finally found my shoes! The laundry was looking all shiny again after its bubble bath… just as their car pulled up in the driveway!

That night we had a roast for dinner, my cousin kindly offered me a different seat at the table just so I could say I’d moved!

TIP: Move.

KMS: 1

TRACK: Biding My Time – Busby Marou


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