Day 42…

TITLE: This Track Isn’t Leading Anywhere!

IN SHORT: I was checked out by 9am aware that the ‘impending’ thunderstorm had taken the previous day off and had plans to make up for lost time. I took the Cape Naturaliste Road to Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse – that made sense I thought. Apparently that was the extent of my navigation skills because I lost my game and took the Lighthouse Loop walk, which does exactly that, takes you on a loop of the lighthouse, not to it. So upon returning to the car park I had a new hair style (it was very windy) and a photo of the lighthouse with a whole lot of trees in front. I had intended to find the right path but the rain set in so I left.

Arriving in Yallingup to massive surf I drove around a bit looking for the town centre, after 15 minutes of trying different roads and turning around in people’s driveways I called into the caravan park and said to the ladies at reception “I realise this is a ridiculous question and I’ve probably just missed a sign, but where is the town centre?” “Ahh, you’re in it” they said, laughing. Whoops! I was looking for somewhere in particular so I got the address and found the place, just out of ‘town.’

Driving back to Perth with the road map on my lap so I didn’t miss the exit and surrounded by black clouds I found my way through the outskirts of Perth and into Fremantle to the car hire place. In 3 days I’d managed to accumulate enough brochures, maps and information sheets to make a piñata. I was busy donating them to someone’s wheelie bin when my cousin arrived to pick me up. While she and her husband went out to sort some building matters, I ‘small child sat.’ After an hour of tonker trucks, lego ships, drawing and tiny teddy consumption we all took off to check out the Northern Beaches, Leighton where kite surfers braved the gusty but probably ideal conditions, Cottesloe, the City and Scarborough Beaches.

As we travelled home I was most impressed to hear a 4 year old sing all the lyrics to one of Mumford and Sons finest tunes. Love your work and so proud you found a suitable substitute for that word.

TIP: When singing at the top of your lungs in the car, make sure you’ve hit ‘end’ on the last phone call.

KMS: 346

TRACK: Fast Car – Boyce Avenue


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