Day 44…

TITLE: Father’s Day Travelling Along the Railway.

IN SHORT: So arriving at the train station in layered Michelin style I watched passengers check in their 20kg bags and wheel equally colossal bags out to the platform, at this point I became slightly envious and a little overheated. If you haven’t read yesterday’s post this state is due to my hand luggage consisting of presents and my wearing most of what I wanted on-board. Please! Some uniformity with the baggage restriction information!

All aboard! And one off to the airport, the poor love was a bit claustrophobic. Admittedly I thought the single cabins were the size of a toilet cubicle but that was only until I went to the toilet and it turns out the toilet cubicles are half the size so at least it’s all relative. Speaking of toilets, there is a sign near the flush button with an apple core symbol floating in mid-air and a red line through it -when was the last time you took off to the nearest toilet with your apple core just to flush it?

I came back from an enjoyable meal with a fine group of people to find my cabin had transformed into sleep mode and dispensed a chocolate on my pillow. The only issue was that this set up left you with about 20 square centimetres in which to change, so I wasn’t surprised to see people sitting in the hallway to get their shoes off. Nor would I be surprised if people just wear their pyjamas to dinner tomorrow night. We came to a halt at Kalgoorlie station around 11pm, an hour later than expected, some set off on a tour that went for nearly 2 hours but as I could barely keep my eyes open I went for a brief stroll and called it a night. Not much sleep happened; I think they were trying to make up time, at one stage my doona shook itself off.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

TIP: Don’t spray on deodorant in your cabin when the door is shut. Just don’t.

KMS: 39 (to the station) total train kilometres on arrival in Adelaide.

TRACK: Holy Grail – Hunters & Collectors


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