Day 45…

TITLE: Watching The World Go By…

IN SHORT: Awake at; oh that’s right, I was awake all night! A coffee arrived at my door at 6:30am, thank you, thank you, thank you! Eyes half shut became eyes slightly more open. There are some wonderful people on the train, those I had breakfast with were no exception, one couple shared the story of their trip across the Nullarbor to Sydney back in the summer of 1967. With dust rising from the gravel roads they travelled across country for 72 hours in a HR Holden with their 3 young children. One incredible feat and no doubt a journey with so many memories!

After more coffee, orange juice, bircher muesli and poached eggs I could barely move. I managed to make it back to my cabin and once there I wrote, stared out the window at the wildflowers and became slightly confused as to why some still had their blinds shut, surely that’s kind of like watching a television with the power off?

We crossed the border from Western Australia into South Australia marked by a sign that went whizzing by before I could get my camera out. We stopped briefly at Cook for an airing and then we ate again. As a passenger you do a lot of that; eat, sit, eat, sit, have a glass of wine, eat, try to sleep. Start over.

TIP: Where there is seemingly no service or internet connection, one might be surprised to find that waving your net book around your cabin does wonders, just doesn’t do much for your balance.

KMS: Total train kilometres on arrival in Adelaide.

TRACK: Paperback Writer – The Beatles


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