Day 46…

TITLE: Hello Mum!

IN SHORT: Awake at 4am reading emails as the train powered along the tracks, though completely distracted as the sun rise illuminated the landscape out my cabin window. With breakfast done, I was packed and ready to go! We rolled into The Adelaide Parkland’s Station where I was to meet Mum and 3 of our family friends.

Stepping from the carriage there was not another person in sight, I wandered into the café and ticketing area, no one in there either and so headed back out to wait for my luggage. As the luggage wagon pulled up so did a taxi, they all piled out and made their way up the platform searching for me amongst the growing crowd. MUM! Welcomed with hug so tight I nearly flattened the sunglasses hanging from my t-shirt but I didn’t care, it was so good to see her! “Mum where have you been? I messaged to say the train was running on time.” “Yes, well we were on time, early in fact, we were just at the wrong station!”

Once I had dropped my gear at their hotel we all headed out for breakfast, yes another one, so let’s call it brunch. Afterward, a stroll through the largest fresh produce market in the Southern Hemisphere, a trip on the tram to Glenelg for a look and some lunch, a wander through the never ending Rundle Street Mall and a ride on a bus to take in more of the city just as it began to rain. We had a short stop back at the hotel then we were due to meet the others for a drink before dinner. It seemed the day had a bit of a theme; it was a half hour before we realised that in a joint effort we’d confused the meeting point and 3 of us were in 1 place and 2 were in another. Reunited we headed out for a lovely meal and a $9 bottle of water.

TIP: You can’t hide a fit of laughter from anyone when you’re travelling on a tram!

KMS: 2690 + 59

TRACK: Hold On, I’m Comin’ – Sam and Dave, B.B King, Guy Sebastian, take your pick.


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