Day 48…

TITLE: Homeward Bound.

IN SHORT: I had breakfast with Mum and our friends before taking a taxi to the airport, very fitting that the driver was sporting a well ‘done’ turban, purple it was (see day 12). Once on the plane it was an hour to Melbourne which was over before it began, we landed, the seatbelt sign went off and everyone began moving about, only to be told to sit back down as there was someone requiring medical attention. We had been sitting for all of 5 minutes when the women on either side began to complain. I didn’t say anything, clearly the person wasn’t well, I thought it was the least we could do!

I had a few hours to fill so I headed toward my gate to write. With no flights due to leave for a while there was no one else about so I thought the term ‘random’ was a bit wrong when the security man stopped me for a random explosives test. How random is it when there is no one else there? Three hours later I was on the plane to Hobart.

Driving back toward the city alone, it occurred to me as I got closer that it felt a little odd to be back, I don’t know what I was expecting, did it feel unfamiliar or as if I’d never left? Maybe it just felt as if I’d stopped. In 7 weeks I had learnt so much, met amazing people, seen incredible parts of Australia, laughed, cried, been challenged enough to discover more about myself than I ever intended and completed a large part of a journey that had been on my mind for years. And now I was home.

As I drove over the bridge toward my house I realised I’d barely given it a thought, nor my belongings or any part of what had basically been my routine for the last 3 years. At this moment all I knew for sure was that while I had missed my family and friends, this project was an experience of a lifetime, an adventure that allowed me to reconnect with old memories, make new ones, be inspired and enjoy every waking hour for what it was.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this; whether you have listened, given advice, shared stories, offered encouragement, sent emails and messages, joined in my excitement, created opportunity or were able to support this project with your service or product; you have all contributed in ways for which I will always be grateful. To everyone who followed along on Facebook and on The Bold Line website and to all the wonderful people I met along the way, thank you for your support and for your part in making the last 7 weeks everything it could be!

TIP: Please stay in touch, this is not over yet!

KMS: 17 + 641 + 615 + 63

TRACK: Big Jet Plane – Angus and Julia Stone


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