Day 3…


IN SHORT: Sitting on my backpack in order to zip it up already… it’s fair to say packing light is beyond me.

I made my way to Bondi Junction and purchased a bus ticket to get me to the airport, once there I went to pick up my hire car. After waiting about for a half hour while it was put through its paces I returned to join a slow moving queue of 20 to sign the paperwork.

They kindly gave me a road atlas – published in 2007. Each day I become a bigger fan of my iPhone, I got the car as far as what I thought was a drop off zone, hello taxi rank. I wasn’t there long, a taxi driver lent on his horn and I accelerated off my mark in autopilot. With my iPhone on my lap I was guided to Wollongong. After doing a u-turn I learnt that when driving an automatic (a Subaru at least) you must lock it in drive not just assume that having it in ‘D’ is enough, you can’t go more than 5kms an hour in that state. I tried.

Kiama was the next town on my route. Unassuming yet trendy and home to the famous blowhole, though on this day the ocean resembled a lake and the blowhole nothing more than a rock formation with a porthole to the sea.

Following a recommendation I took the road to Bomaderry via Gerringong and Gerroa arriving just after 4pm and easing into a relaxing evening planning the next day over home cooked laksa with friends.

TIP: It’s cute when a dog falls asleep with its head resting on your bare foot, especially one called Tony. Until he drools.

KMS: 38 + 190

TRACK: Endless Summer – The Jezebels


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