Day 5…

TITLE: An Early Start.

IN SHORT: The idea was to get on the road before the rain woke up. Turns out it’s an early riser. The rain was coming down hard at 4am but by 5:30am when I set off it had gone back to bed with toast and a cup of tea. I reached Ulladulla by 6:30am to see the sunrise and at that moment the clouds served a purpose!

I turned off to check out South Durras before arriving into Batemans Bay and while the weather seemed okay I decided to make a break for Canberra and join another of the bold lines. Canberra was where Dad acquired his semi trailer licence. Back in the 60s he and his best friend came through on a road trip of their own. They stopped to work for a few months at what is now the Old Parliament House, not as a suit, the uniform would not have been conducive to remodelling the foyer!

And so to Canberra; the King’s Highway took me inland and began with a 40km section that ascended over the Great Dividing Range, specifically Clyde Mountain, Clyde contributed fog and rain and I reduced my speed to 10kms an hour along with everyone else. Soon after I rolled into Braidwood and into the bakery for lunch, yes, lunch at 9:30am, I’d been up for hours! It seemed everyone was in the bakery but before long I was on my way with a salad roll and a much needed coffee! Further on I crossed Dough Boy Creek, clearly named to induce a wave of guilt over all those who succumbed to the bakery goods at Braidwood.

First stop, Parliament House, I had no set plans for the day but as I was taking photos of the outside (in particular, the sign that said not to drink the water from the fountain), I thought I may as well go in rather than come back later. Then I remembered I was wearing thongs, flip flops, jandals (all bases covered).

I went up to speak with the serious looking security guard at the entrance and pointing at my feet I said.

“Can I get in wearing these?”

“Yes” he said smiling. “Just don’t take them off.”

I went to the Australian War Memorial next, this place is truly incredible and words will not do it justice, I recommend experiencing it for yourself.

A quick trip to the supermarket and then it was time to check into the hotel. Exhausted, I was in my pyjamas by late afternoon but writing ’til late.

TIP: Sing like no one’s listening OR watching.

KMS: 322

TRACK: Take It Easy – Jackson Browne with Jack Johnson and John Cruz


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