Day 6…

TITLE: Noumea. No, it’s Narooma.

IN SHORT: I checked out at 9am. I’m fairly sure that if a bed were to have been made out of marshmallows and approved by the Chiropractic Association of Australia I’d just slept on it. I could’ve done with a few more hours though – nearly walked out leaving my laptop behind on the coffee table. My laptop did chameleon quite well.

After buying a coffee from the café at the hotel I was ready to start the day! Burnt my tongue on Coronation Drive and so left the coffee to cool while I went to the Old Parliament House for a quick visit. From there it was back the same way I’d come in. I was slightly disturbed by the amount inbound vehicles with surfboards – the weather must’ve been bad on the coast or Lake Burley Griffin had swell…

I ducked into Braidwood Bakery for another coffee and to the Newsagent’s for a map. Then it was time to see what Clyde had in store. He’d gone all out – fog again, heavy rain and road works. You know, if I wanted to drive in clouds I’d have become a pilot.

From Batemans Bay I continued South – they’d certainly had some rain, the Tuross River had moved in on nearby paddocks and the low lying areas that surrounded caravan parks were now involuntary moats. I travelled through Mogo, Moruya and on to Narooma – calling into the local Golf Club to check out their view. As I sat, I wondered why they had the blinds closed in the dining room… they didn’t at all – it was fog! Time to find somewhere to stay for the night, the first place I tried asked if I wanted an ocean view room – I found that quite funny considering the weather. They didn’t. Next stop was a B&B, it sounded great but I wanted to check out the town of Tilba first, once there I’d decided I would take the room but had no phone reception. After walking around with my phone in the air I had to resort to using the phone box, I highly recommend it. It shaves 10 years off your age and I’m fairly sure it still doesn’t cost the $2 I dropped to make a call.

And so to Woolworths in downtown Noumea/Narooma, the amount of times I got this wrong (aloud) concerns me. What do you buy to eat when you’re not staying somewhere with kitchen facilities besides takeaway? Biscuits, dip and wine of course! I bought a bottle of red for the label, not normally my style but at $16:99 I was pleasantly surprised and of course happy with the label: ‘Rolling’ – I blame Jack Kerouac. Anyway it was recommended by a lovely ‘New Caledonian’ who suggested I steer clear of the local rocket fuel. Gratitude. Merci!

TIP: Lookout for large puddles unless you want to re-enact the scene from countless movies where by you drive past and spray a small group of people waiting by the road side.

KMS: 308

TRACK: Call It What You Want – Foster the People


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