Day 7…

TITLE: A Serious Case of Goldilocks.

IN SHORT: What a way to start the day – a beautiful view and a wonderful home cooked breakfast, spoilt! Before leaving Narooma I drove down to Wagonga Head to photograph Australia Rock. As the name suggests, its natural precision is a window framed in the form of Australia, minus Tasmania of course. This formation is so old it may have been the cartographic blueprint for all those other maps that left Tasmania off – though the degree of difficulty in this case is hardly comparable!

Further along I jumped up on a rock so I could see better and got a little more than I’d bargained for. A sleepy seal opened his eyes squinting in the sun annoyed at having been woken up. I snapped away until he sneezed or coughed or growled (hard to tell) and then went to get coffee. Hugging the coastline I drove through Bermagui, weaved my way though the stunning Mimosa Rocks National Park and on to Tathra. I stopped there at the iconic wharf where on this day the water resembled a coke spider, the waves crashing and swirling beneath the timber planks.

After checking out Tura Beach it was on to Merimbula and this is where my story of Goldilocks begins (minus the three bears). You see I couldn’t decide where to stay. I will admit that I am exceptionally indecisive when I’m tired, yet inconveniently more particular. So while Merimbula was certainly a lovely town there were so many apartments and hotels and caravan parks that I didn’t know where to start, so I didn’t!

The next town was Pambula and like many of the smaller coastal towns it exuded a unique charm and it was here that I sat flicking through an accommodation brochure trying to find something ‘just right’.  Just down the road was the town of Eden whose natural beauty and colourful history are worthy of your time! South of there I got the accommodation brochure out again and made a call. A friendly voice said “yes we have a room, a glass of wine and a cheese plate for you tonight and breakfast in the morning” I instantly breathed a sigh of relief and almost forgot to reply, moments later I took off back into town and checked into ‘just right’.

My room opened out onto its own balcony overlooking Twofold Bay and was more than I could’ve hoped for. After taking a shower to wash away ‘tired’ I went downstairs for that glass of wine. I had the pleasure of sharing this time with the owners, the hosts of this inspired B&B on magnificent Snug Cove.

Fascinated by the history of the town I went back to my room to write and read and basically just appreciate my surroundings!

TIP: The petrol cap is on the right side. Repeat.

KMS: 237

TRACK: Even Though I’m a Woman – Seeker Lover Keeper


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