Day 9…

TITLE: Tired Eyes.

IN SHORT: Breakfast on set. Well that’s what it felt like! The remarkable pole framed structure of this home was complemented by the endearing and thematic nature of the interior. Yet again my breakfast was sensational, as was the company.

After saying goodbye I headed out of town in the rain. Before long I was in Bairnsdale and then Sale where I turned onto the South Gippsland Highway. This took me through Yarram, Welshpool, Foster, Meeniyan and on to Koonwarra. By this time my eyes felt like they were freeze dried and by brain cells paced in anticipation of their next caffeine fix. I took care of this and then wandered up the road a little further to a store that had caught my attention. From the road I poised the camera… at which point I hear.


In shock from; a) being yelled at in a town that promotes itself as ‘a small town with a big heart’ and b) being yelled at for taking a photo of a store front that someone had obviously gone to considerable lengths to make aesthetically appealing. My photo was nothing more than a show of appreciation of this fact. I left town confused.

By 3pm I had checked in to a cabin not far from the Surf Beach at Inverloch. At 4pm I was looking out the kitchen window as the dark sky advanced bringing with it fork lightening, thunder and a deluge of rain. A deluge comparable to the one just minutes earlier in the bathroom. I neglected to notice the angle of the shower head before turning the water on. A cleaner’s revenge?

Looking at a map I realised there probably wasn’t going to be time to visit Wilsons Promontory – thankfully that night over dinner with a friend of Dads I was informed he had actually been there, though it was surprising it hadn’t made the map it had definitely been done!

TIP: Don’t assume the people in the Tourist Information Centres are so familiar with the surrounding towns that they shorten them. For example: Loch is not short for Inverloch. Loch is a town and there is 37kms between the two. Fortunately I was speaking to this elderly English volunteer for long enough to realise we weren’t talking about the same place.

KMS: 304

TRACK: Junk of the Heart (Happy) – The Kooks


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