Day 10…

TITLE: Waterlogged.

IN SHORT: I stopped for petrol on the way out of Inverloch then pushed on to Portsea. I thought I was raring to go, but as the first hour passed I realised that my sleep patterns of late could be likened to charging my iPhone. I felt like I’d been metaphorically hitting ‘dismiss’ on the 20% low battery warning and then putting it on ‘charge’ for 5 minutes only to have it go flat again once in use. Coffee time! I found a park in Sorrento and bought one to have while perusing accommodation options for the night. I wasn’t getting anywhere so I dropped into the Tourist Information Centre for some suggestions. Armed with her shortlist I went back to the car, by now it was bucketing down, water was racing down the street, barely contained by the curbing. When it eased I moved the car elsewhere and noticed that the side street to the Information Centre had flooded in just 10 minutes. It was now midday and having made a reservation there were a couple of hours to fill before I could check in. I drove back out to Red Hill and Arthurs Seat. The view from the lookout was the first indication I had that the inclement weather had unfinished business, a second front was approaching so it was time for me to go! I was 20kms away from where I’d have preferred to be when it hit; thunder, lightning, torrential rain and just for something different, hail. Clearly this storm was not a perfectionist, it didn’t get it right the first time.

Finally I checked in; semi shaken, somewhat stirred. I ventured out to the supermarket not long after to pick up a few things and get some cash out. I came home with a few things and no cash. Hopeless. Plus somewhere between getting out of the car and opening the boot I misplaced my room key. 15 minutes later I’d been through everything and still couldn’t find it, upon leaning in to look under the seat the key appeared from nowhere and dropped onto the floor. It had been in the hood of my jacket. How it got there I will never know.

TIP: Two wrongs don’t make a right. But three do. GPS rules.

KMS: 283

TRACK: Morning Light – Georgia Fair


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