Day 11…

TITLE: Rain, Horizontal at Times.

IN SHORT: The rain woke me up before my alarm clock. Breakfast was served at 8am but I was distracted. Apprehensive about the prospect of travelling in heavy rain again I wanted to get the drive underway and closer to over!

I’d spent the night in Rye and had decided to return the car in Frankston rather than navigate through Melbourne. So all I had ahead of me was a 45 minute drive. It sounds straight forward except the roadsides were flooded, the rain drops were on steroids and the windscreen wipers lacked the necessary ‘flat out’ option.  It was a slow road in these conditions – I’m positive I worked off breakfast just through concentration.

Finally I arrived at the car hire depot. I lugged all my gear into their office and phoned for a cab to take me to the train station only to be told there would be a wait of up to 45 minutes. Could be I’d perfected ‘weary traveller’ because the consultant put the closed sign on the door and drove me up to the station himself.

The train took me to Southern Cross Station where I was to meet Mum who was flying in to join me for the last couple of days of Stage II as she had done for Stage I.

From there we taxied it to our accommodation, checked in and walked down to Southbank for a late lunch with friends. While we were inside and warm the wind joined the rain and wreaked havoc in the CBD. Umbrellas turned themselves inside out and people stumbled through the water that invaded their path.

Later that evening we braved the elements and the wayward umbrellas for a beautiful meal at an Italian restaurant nearby. Happy days!

TIP: Thongs, flip flops, jandals; not ideal footwear in a flooded petrol station – water and petrol make for a slippy surface. I slid, arms flailing, much like the first time I wore roller skates.

KMS: 89

TRACK: Weather With You – Crowded House


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