Day 14…

TITLE: Leave Pass

Maz was able to take a night off so with meals prepared for the next twenty four hours she packed and joined our mini convoy back to Cape Crawford. Once there and settled we all sat on the deck outside our rooms and lost an hour or two talking. We lost an hour or two more at the pub over dinner and before we knew it, it was getting late and time to call it a day. It had been so lovely to have some extra time with Maz and I was excited that she, Jason and Fred would be up, up and away the next morning in a helicopter flying high over the Lost City. Preferring to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground I wouldn’t be joining them but I knew there would be plenty of great images to see when they returned.

TIP: Old friends, new memories. New towns, new faces – nothing quite compares to life on the road.

TRACK: Florence + The Machine – Queen of Peace

KMS: 175


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