The Bold Line…

On July 22nd back in 2003, my Dad was travelling south on the Newell Highway bound for Melbourne. At 10.20pm that evening he rounded a bend near the town of Moree, in that same moment two trucks, the one in front and another travelling north collided. Together, they were out of control and left Dad with nowhere to go, he died instantly.

Now, some 7 years on I am grateful I have so many memories and often reflect on the positive influence he had and continues to have on my life.

Dad’s passion for travel and love of the Australian landscape were apparent from as early as I can remember. By the time I was 11 Dad had been working interstate for 3 years and it was at this age that I took the opportunity to go along for the ride. What a unique way to see the country and gain an insight into his life on the road.

To this day I still consider travelling across country, meeting different people and immersing yourself in the environment that surrounds you to be one of the most rewarding forms of travel. The experiences stay with you forever.

As a way of recording where he had been, Dad kept a detailed map of Australia at home. Each time he returned he would draw on any new roads with a black marker. After all those years he covered quite a bit of ground.

The map now shows its age and is safely tucked away… but it does tell a story that I would like to continue…

The purpose of The Bold Line is to cover many of the remaining roads and railways missing from his map… to join the bold lines and travel to those parts of Australia he so longed to see.