In short:

I was born in 1981 (I wasn’t sure where to start).

I don’t smoke, never will, tried it once in high school and couldn’t see the point.

I was nearly hit by a Mr Whippy van when I was young. I rarely eat ice-cream.

I am an only child and proud that fact is not obvious to all who meet me.

I haven’t taken Panadol or anything similar in over 10 years.

I don’t like confrontation with people I care about. If I don’t care about you I’m quite good at it.

I’ve never broken anything. As in bones, I’ve broken plenty of other things.

I love good food and wine. I dislike a good hangover.

A good hangover was the reason I once asked for a ‘chocolate shit cake’ in a Mc Donald’s drive thru.

If I put my mind to something I will achieve what I set out to. If I don’t, my mind has been known to end up anywhere.

I first told a boy I loved him at age 5 in the canteen lunch line. Quite loudly.

Money isn’t everything, you only need enough. And on occasion, a little more.

I travelled Europe for 8 weeks and wore thongs \  flip flops \  jandals for the New Zealanders, 99% of the time.

I love meeting interesting people. Not people who think they’re interesting.

My road rage word is ‘moron’. What’s yours?

I think experience beats a text book every time, unless you can successfully incorporate the two.

I love most things Italian but not campari and lemoncello.

I’m not accident prone but prone to finding myself in interesting situations.

I can go the best part of a day without food if there are enough shops to keep me occupied.

In the end I either will or I won’t,  more often than not ‘should’ and ‘maybe’ are just obligation and guilt.

I’ve never run over anything, I did run into a wallaby, but they’re built to bounce.

I’m independent but sometimes I would prefer not to be.

My favourite colour is blue. My favourite number is 7. I don’t have a favourite food. I can’t narrow it down.

I enjoy the company of others as much as I enjoy my own space.

If my middle name contained an ‘e’ it would be a brand of camping equipment.

I try not to use ‘I’ too much. Although it appears unavoidable in this exercise. ‘I’ apologise.

Poached over scrambled.

Stupidity, dishonesty and insincerity infuriate me. Honestly.

I’m just as comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt as I am in a dress and heels.

I try to make informed decisions. Saves time later.

I was a bit of a hoarder, until I moved house after 7 years. Lesson learnt.

I’m more likely to feel anxious than scared.

I don’t understand the point of a cappuccino. Or a skinny decaf latte with two sugars for that matter.

I won’t share my personal life or thoughts with anyone I don’t trust.

I have dialled 000 twice.

I preferred english and history to maths and science.

I made history in science by accidentally burning my chemistry teacher’s trousers.

My learning style is visual (1st) kinesthetic (2nd) auditory (3rd).

This explains why I thought my lecturers could’ve sold recordings of their lessons to insomniacs.

I love my friends and family. They knew that before now.

I usually prefer travel narratives and biographies to fiction, and anything to science fiction.

I know the importance of good working relationships. If I said aloud everything I thought I wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

I feel the cold,  but I can still enjoy winter.

I’m not one to get bored, you can always do something.